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Mahmoud Jajah is a 2016 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur, Chief Executive of the ZongoVation Hub, and the Executive Director of the Initiative for Youth Development – Ghana, a non-profit youth development organization based in Accra, with special focus on young people in the Zongo Communities across Ghana. The ZongoVation Hub promotes the development of digital technology and innovation among the youth of the Zongo communities.

Born in Tema and raised in Maamobi (in Accra), Mahmoud obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies from the Central University in Accra in 2010, and completed a Master of Science degree program in International Oil and Gas Management at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee, Scotland United Kingdom.

With about 15 years of experience in youth development advocacy, Mahmoud founded and/or co-founded at least five different youth groups including the AVERT Youth Foundation and the Fortune Investment Club. In 2005, the British Council in Accra selected Mahmoud as one of only two (the other being a female) young participants who represented Ghana at the Pan-African Youth Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. And in 2007, whilst at the university pursuing his first degree, he co-founded and became the publisher and editor of a student newspaper called “The Student Observer.”

In 2009, Mahmoud Jajah entered and won the first place prize, under the Entrepreneurship & Employment category of an international youth essay competition organized by the United States based Think Tank, the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

Mahmoud has enormous interest in Entrepreneurship, Information & Communication Technology, Renewable Energy, Agribusiness, Islamic Banking, Finance & Economics, Youth Development, as well as on matters relating to financial inclusion of the poor in the economy, and it is his desire to contribute significantly to the development of the industries in Ghana and Africa.

Between April 2015 and August 2017, Mahmoud was at the Ghana Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the Special Assistant to His Excellency Alhaji Said Sinare, Ghana’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Box AN7326, Accra-North.





LinkedIn: Mahmoud Jajah


Google+: MahmoudJajah

Instagram: MahmoudJajah

  1. Alhaji Haruna Rashid Ibrahim permalink

    Impressive and thoughtful. Let’s link up and see how we can help the youth in the zongo community. Drop me a line. THanks.

  2. Thanks so much Honourable.

  3. baba ali permalink

    hi how are doing you a big inspiration to the youth of nima and beyound cotinue your good work

  4. Hussein Jibril permalink

    Uztaz,may the Almighty Allah protect you from your enemies.I’m impressed.may Allah bless you.

  5. Hussein Jibril permalink

    Your reward is in heaven

  6. Zakari Jony Ali permalink

    21 Gun salute my brother, you are a shining star.

  7. thats impressive bro,keep it up


  9. Saeed Yussif Amuda permalink

    l think l know have a role model. That is Saeed Mahmoud Jajah. l am so proud of u and I will be the last person to discourage u in all effort. Stay blessed

  10. Very impressive bro. Keep it up. The sky is the limit.

  11. salim yussif permalink

    may almighty Allah guide and protect you Mahmoud,God bless you,am proud of you.

  12. Ibrahim Bashiru permalink

    That is captivating. May Allah continue to make u a shining star. May u grow to be an honest politician. I am honestly impressed!

  13. abdul samed baguma permalink

    wow! this is catchy, u r the man mahmud. dont ever let go of this wonderful attitude. بارك الله فيك يا أخي

  14. hawa permalink

    am very very very impressed….captivating!

  15. mngu permalink

    Pls I want to enrol at the mount crest university to study law,am just curious to know the tuition fees for the undergraduate program.thank you sir


    That is inspirational,the spirit flows ,carry on with the good works and remember to pull along the brilliant but needy guys along the fight.salute bro.

  17. Salihu Shu'aibu permalink

    You are a role model. Keep it up!

  18. Foster permalink

    Great initiatives Ghana needs people like you to develop communities. Keep it up.

  19. musah abdul majid permalink

    May the Almighty Allah lead u in every step u take, keep it up i will always be beside u knowing u can believing u will

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