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The Zongo GoalKeepers Project

September 24, 2018

Insha Allah we had a successful maiden edition of the Zongo Youth Policy Dialogue on Saturday September 22, 2018. But that is just the beginning. The Zongos have a very long way to go just to catch up with the rest of the country. This means we have to triple and quadruple our efforts if we are to achieve the #GlobalGoals (UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030).


The objectives of the Zongo Youth Policy Dialogue, among others, are to come out with practical proposals to addressing the challenges facing young people in our Zongo communities in a form of a Zongo Youth Policy, and to put in place mechanisms and systems to monitor and measure development progress (or retrogression) in our Zongo communities. The Zongo Youth Policy will outline the challenges and the policy priority areas to be tackled by the various stakeholders working in the Zongo communities, not least the Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development. We (the Initiative for Youth Development) are still engaging with various youth groups to solicit suggestions and ideas on the way forward for the Zongo Youth Policy.

But having a policy document alone is not enough. We need an action plan, and monitoring and evaluation mechanism or system, hence the Zongo GoalKeepers Project.

The Zongo GoalKeepers Project is a twelve year (2018-2030) project in line with the #GlobalGoals, to monitor the progress of the SDGs in the various Zongo communities across Ghana. About 500 young researchers (known as GoalKeepers) will be trained from across the Zongo communities in Ghana to monitor and measure the progress of the #GlobalGoals. 


Every year (starting from 2019), the GoalKeepers will issue a comprehensive report to be presented at subsequent Zongo Youth Policy Dialogues. These reports will highlight the progress and the challenges of young people in the Zongo communities. The report will also highlight the use of public resources in the Zongo communities.

The work at hand is huge. But we are extremely confident that our generation is rightly placed to transform our Zongo communities. Our priority is to invest in the youth to achieve the maximum benefits. By 2030, insha Allah, we should see a #NEWZONGO!

Mahmoud Jajah
Executive Director
Initiative for Youth Development.


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  1. Osman inusah permalink

    Ma shaa Allah. Such a nice Ideas. May Allah make it easy for us to support in any halal way we can to make it a success. Ameen thumer ameen

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