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Government of Ghana Should Not Subsidize the Hajj for Muslims

March 15, 2018
The Government of Ghana should NOT subsidize the Hajj fare for ANY Muslim in the country. The Hajj is a religious obligation between the individual and his Maker, which has nothing to do with public funds. The Hajj is not obligatory on anyone who does not have the capacity or the means to do so.
The Government of Ghana, and especially now that we have a Vice President who is a Muslim, should be bold enough to tell Muslims in the face that the Hajj is a private religious obligation for those who can afford. If you can’t afford, it is not ‘by force.’ The only role the government can play is to regulate and facilitate the travel and accommodation issues of pilgrims who have the capacity to embark upon such a trip.
It is extremely sad and very unfortunate that some Muslims in Ghana, for their own parochial political interest, have even allowed some non-Muslims to politicize the issue of Hajj. This is a very serious religious obligation which is the fifth pillar of Islam, and we must desist from playing politics with it.
The Government should rather use any available funds to develop our Zongo communities. We need hospitals, schools, public toilets, markets, lorry stations, jobs for our youth. That is where any available public funds should be channeled to.

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