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The 2018 as the Year of the Young Zongo Entrepreneur Campaign

January 20, 2018

The ‘2018 as the Year of the Young Zongo Entrepreneur’ is a year long campaign initiative by the Initiative for Youth Development, a non-profit youth organization committed to improving the state of young people in Zongo communities across Ghana. The aim of the campaign is to create massive awareness about the importance and the significance of entrepreneurship and job creation among young people in Zongo communities. Unemployment issues among the youth in the Zongo communities are a ticking time bomb, and if we don’t take the necessary actions to offer practical solutions in addressing the issue, things could get out of hands. Today, the Zongos are fast becoming the breeding grounds for a lot of negative issues, and we thought that as young leaders we cannot sit unconcerned about our present and future situations.

This campaign will become the first of its kind in Ghana. And it is our hope that by the end of the campaign in December 2018, we would have inspired and encouraged a lot of young people from the Zongo communities across the length and breadth of the country to start their own small businesses, and to see the great potential in entrepreneurship. We are also of the firm conviction that alternative livelihood projects such as youth entrepreneurship will help young people who otherwise would have travelled for non-existing greener pastures, to remain and work in the country.

Below are some of the activities and events planned for the year:

  1. The launching of the Zongo Coders Initiative to develop and nurture young technology entrepreneurs
  2. The Zongo Coders Challenge, an annual competition to select some of the best technology startups from the Zongo communities for incubation and acceleration.
  3. The Zongo Youth Economic Opportunities Forum to discuss economic opportunities available to the youth
  4. The publication of the Zongo Economic Opportunities Report to highlight the vast economic opportunities available to young people
  5. The establishment of the ZongoVation Hub, a technology innovation co-working environment for young Zongo entrepreneurs
  6. The establishment of Zongo Ventures, a social impact venture capital firm to support young entrepreneurs fund their business ventures
  7. The Zongo Startup Exhibition, to showcase startups and businesses started by young Zongo entrepreneurs
  8. The Young Zongo Entrepreneur various social media platforms to highlight the journeys, struggles, and achievements of young entrepreneurs
  9. Entrepreneurship training workshops for young entrepreneurs across the country

We hope to achieve the above targets with the support of our partners, both locally and internationally, and it is also our hope that you will become one of our key partners on this journey to develop the next generation of African entrepreneurs from our Zongo communities.



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