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Leaving that Which Does Not Concern Us 

July 4, 2016

You’ll find most of us tempted to discuss issues and matters which does not concern us. And sad enough, we can waste valuable time on such matters.
Perhaps part of some of the lessons we can pick from Ramadan as it comes to an end, is to resist the temptation to discuss issues that do not concern us. Rasullullah (pbuh) said in one narration “Part of the perfection of ones Islam is his leaving that which does not concern him.”
We should seriously reflect on how we spend our time. Time management is crucial. We should engage ourselves in things that will help us move forward in life. 
Al-Hasan al-Basri once said, “You are nothing but a compilation of breaths.” Every time we exhale, a piece of our life, a part of us, is lost. 
How many of our interactions are worthwhile and how many are useless? Allah says, “Most of their discussions do not contain any good, except of the one who enjoins charity or goodness or peace-making among people.” (Quran 4:114)
Please let us make the time to reflect on our life and how we lead it. 


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