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Become a Master Preparer

October 20, 2015

Always, and I mean always be prepared before you’re asked to do something. Out-prepare your competition. And out-read them.

Whatever you wanna become in life, start putting in the hours now. Read every day in your field. Ask questions. Watch videos on YouTube of people who have made it in your chosen profession.

To succeed in life, it means we have to be prepared for the task at hand, and the task ahead. Never settle for less. Hate mediocrity. Learn everything there is to learn about what you’re doing, or what you would like to do in life.

Preparation will beat talent any day and any time. Ignore the excuses. And keep preparing yourself for the big task in life.

Abraham Lincoln said it best: “I will study and prepare, and when my time comes I will be ready.”

So, start now. And ten years from today, people will wonder how you became a world class at your craft!


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