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On Zakah: A Reminder to Self and Other Employed Young Muslims

October 15, 2015

The most often “forgotten” pillar of Islam is Zakah, especially among young Muslims. And Zakah isn’t just an act of charity and alms giving, but one of the five pillars of Islam.

Sallah and Zakah are mentioned side by side at least at thirty-seven different places in the Noble Quran, and it has been emphatically stressed that these principles are among the fundamentals of Islam on which our salvation in this world and Hereafter depends.

You’ll find most young Muslims completely ignorant about Zakah. Most of us who are working do not even think about the payment of the annual Zakah. Yet it is compulsory upon us. Those of us working.

In one verse in Suratul Bayyinah (98:5), Allah said;

“Yet all that they had been commanded was that they serve Allah, with utter sincerity, devoting themselves exclusively to Him, and that they establish Prayer and pay Zakah. That is the Right Faith.”

As young Muslims, let us educate ourselves very well on this important pillar of Islam (but most importantly, pay our Zakah) that has the potential of reducing poverty in our societies.

May Allah continue to help us in this direction… Ameeen!


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One Comment
  1. Very important topic.
    Waiting for more education on this subject.
    Allah increase u in knowledge!
    Salaam alaikum

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