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Some lessons we can pick from Ramadan for life

July 15, 2015

1. Study the Quran in details. And read it everyday. It should be your best companion.

2. Eat less. Eating Sahur and Iftar means we can actually live on two meals a day.

3. Sleep less to worship Allah more during the latter part of the night. During Ramadan we wake up before 4am. It means we can continue this practice even after Ramadan.

4. Fast more, especially on Mondays & Thursdays. When we fast for 29/30 days continuously, it then means that it’s even easier to fast just two days in a week.

5. We should restrain ourselves from using bad languages. We can actually desist from insulting others.

6. We should cut out pornography & immorality. If we can restrain ourselves for 30 days in not indulging ourselves in immoral activities, then we can continue for the rest of the year. Habits are formed for at least 21 days continuously. We can if we really want to!

7. We should give to charity. One of the best acts in the sight of Allah is to give in charity, irrespective of the amount.

8. We should visit the mosque more often. The mosques are built for Muslims to worship in. If all of us decide to pray in our rooms, the mosques will be empty.

9. We should be conscious of Allah at all times. Ramadan has taught us that even if no one is watching, Allah is still watching. And that is why even though we can hide & eat & drink, yet we decide not to because of the Fear of Allah.

10. We should use the Ramadan period to plan our lives. It’s more or less our period of renewal. We should set our goals in life. And use the rest of the year to pursue them without any fear whatsoever.


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