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Using Social Media To Spread The Good News During Ramadan

June 19, 2015

In this Holy Month of Ramadan (and beyond), make sure that all your acts of worship are done sincerely and for the sake of Allah alone. When you fast and read the Quran or give to charity just because you want people to see how religious you’re, and not doing it for the sake of Allah, know that you’re just wasting your time.

In this age of social media, it is tempting to make public all your religious activities. There is nothing wrong with that if only the intention is to inform and educate, and to inspire others to do same. The intention must be very clear, otherwise you will lose the reward from Allah. Never ever do it just because you want to impress or show off…in matters of act of worship. We have to be very careful about that. We can impress or show off in other things other than in act of worship. That is a very serious business between us and our Creator.

This generation is the most luckiest, in my view. We have the power of the Internet. We can reach out to millions of people in a second through our smart gadgets. We don’t need to call for a press conference or arrange for a media interview. We can simply do that through facebook or twitter or whatsapp or Instagram or google+ or through other social media platforms. That is very powerful.

I don’t subscribe to the idea of going off all social media platforms because “we are in the Holy Month.” In fact this is the time we need to be on social media to reach out to the world by spreading the good news. It is the way and manner we use social media that will determine whether or not it is good. Social media, just like anything else, is neutral. It will become wrong or bad when we use it for wrong and bad things. And it will become right and good when we decide to use it for the right and good things.

As young people, we should take advantage of these platforms to inform and educate our friends and families and colleagues and the world at large. We don’t need anybody’s permission to do that. We only need to open the respective accounts to start. But we must make sure that we are doing so sincerely and for the sake of Allah.

In the Glorious Quran, Allah said that this Ummah is the best Ummah because we call people to do what is right and forbid people in doing what is wrong. So the question is; are you part of those who call people in doing the right things and forbidding the wrong things? Only you can answer that!

May Allah forgive our shortcomings, and accept our ibaadat… Ameen!


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One Comment
  1. jawal braimah permalink

    a lot i have learned from this brief message. worshiping Allah is easier in this generation as you have rightfully described and the message is clear. may Allah bless the source of this message…Ameeen!

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