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Replace music with the Noble Quran

June 9, 2015

Replace music with the Noble Quran. And when you do, at least five things will happen to you;

1. Your love for Allah and good things will increase.

2. Your understanding of the Deen will increase. And this might help you become a better Muslim.

3. The Quran will protect you from the Shaytaan and other evil forces.

4. You get more rewards from Allah by reciting and/or listening to the Quran. No one rewards you, not even the composer of the song, when you keep listening to music.

5. Rasullullah (sallah lahu alaiye wa salaam) said the best amongst us are those who learn the Quran and teaches others. You will become one of the best among this Ummah.

May Allah continue to guide our steps; forgive our sins; protect us; and bless us! Ameen!



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  1. Reblogged this on jawalbraimah and commented:
    Mahmoud Jajah said it all

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