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Planning and Preparation are the Keys to Dealing with Disasters

June 5, 2015

When people blame the government with respect to the negative impact of the now infamous ‪#‎AccraFlood‬, I’m not sure the blame is on whether or not it was the fault of the government that we are experiencing the rains.

The blame is on the inability, or rather more appropriately, the incompetence of government, both local & national, to plan our cities and towns so well that even if there will be a flooding, the adverse impact of it will be minimized. That is the point.
When we continue to be silent on such critical national issues just because we are afraid of the politicians, then I’m afraid that we will continue to be experiencing these unfortunate calamities.

Disasters and calamities will always come upon us. However, we must do two things to minimize its adverse impact.

One, we must demand from our politicians that they plan our cities and towns very well. Planning of cities & towns isn’t rocket science. Other cities have done excellent job, even in Africa. We can learn from them. Accra is suppose to be a Millennium City, according to the UN. I’m not sure anyone, including the Mayor of Accra still believe that his city is a Millenium City. Those who have had the opportunity to visit other cities in other countries can best tell you what or how a Millenium City looks like. We have to be serious.

Two, we have to strengthen our post-disaster management preparedness. We are often a times too late, and unprepared to deal with disasters. Even if we can’t foresee or predict an incoming disaster, at least we should be prepared to deal with it on time. That should be the minimum. But for now it seems we are simply not ready to deal with major disasters.

We elect government to solve problems that you & I can’t deal with on our own. And if we support a government, it doesn’t mean that we can’t or should not publicly criticize it or offer suggestions. Allah will hate us forever if we do that. We have to let them know how they’re fairing. At least that should be the minimum.

We will continue to ‪#‎PrayForGhana‬. But we must plan well and be ready to deal with disasters. Allah will not do that for us. Certainly.



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