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The Zongo Agenda 2025 Campaign

May 27, 2015

For the Zongo Community to be very proud of us, we should choose to become men & women of significance. We should work so hard to become respectable & influential people in Ghana. And we can if we choose to be.

This generation of Zongo youth can decide to be that Golden Generation of Zongo Youth that can develop and transform our Zongos to become the type of community where everyone will want a portion of.

Individually, we can decide to become the chartered accountants, the lawyers, the medical doctors, the engineers, the teachers, the nurses, the mechanics, the technicians, the sports men & women, the imams & pastors, the journalists, the politicians, and the business men & women that are needed to transform a community.

Let us start from that individual self. Then one becomes two. And three becomes four. And so on & so forth. Then one day our children & grand children will live in the kind of ideal Zongo all of us have been dreaming about.
It will take individual action. Then collective action. Before we can have the Dream Zongo.

No one is better or smarter than us. And nobody has conspired to leave us behind. We are our biggest problem. And only us can solve all our problem. If we choose to solve it.

Now let every Zongo boy or girl start working on their individual self. We can become everything we want to become. In the next ten years, we should become those professionals mentioned above. And that isn’t rocket science.
Stand up for Zongo; Stand up for yourself!


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