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The Most Important Project in the World

May 14, 2015

Understanding, and not just the recitation of the Noble Quran, is a fundamental requirement for all Muslims whether or not they can read. The Quran is our guide. And it is our most important document both here and in the hereafter.

On the Day when we meet Him, we will have absolutely no excuse whatsoever for our failure to understand His book. Our generation’s standard test on that day will be much higher because of the technologies He has endowed us with. We need absolutely no Mallam, or a classroom to study His book. We can do that through our smart gadgets. It is very sad and troubling to see young muslims, some with even higher education who cannot even recite the Surahs in the last part of the Noble Quran.
Your education is meaningless if you can’t recite or understand the Quran.
Starting from today, we can decide to recite or study just a page of the Quran for the rest of our lives. And it will be the most important project we will ever undertake both here and in the hereafter.
Allah has made the Quran easy for us to remember and understand. What then should be our excuse?

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