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Lessons from the UK Election 2015 for Africa

May 8, 2015

Interesting development coming out of the just concluded UK Elections. At least five strong leaders David Cameron​ of the Conservative Party; Ed Miliband​ of the Labour Party; Nicola Sturgeon​ of the Scottish National Party; Nick Clegg​ of the Liberal Democrats; and Nigel Farage​ of the UK Independent Party) went into the elections. Two survived. Three went down.

Prime Minister Cameron did extremely well to win more seats for the Conservatives. And this time around the Conservatives can govern on their own strength, effectively. Some political commentators have attributed his win to at least three main issues:

1. The pro-business stand of his party

2. The weakness of Her Majesty’s Opposition Leader, &

3. English Nationalism.

The SNP won basically on the strength of Scottish Nationalism. They wiped out virtually all the established political parties, but especially the Labour Party, in Scotland. The most shocking results was when the Labour Party’s chief campaign strategist who is also the Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander lost to a 20-year old student, of the SNP.

ED Milliband, Nick Clegg, & Nigel Farage all stood down as leaders of their respective parties because, according to them, they took the full responsibilities of their defeat so they’ve to give way for new leadership and fresh ideas.

Any lesson(s) for us?

Well, in Africa, our political party leaders don’t go down so “easily” like that. They think they’re the only people with all the wisdom in the world to lead us. Or better still they feel entitled to be our leaders.

Future generation of African leaders must take serious notes from what’s going on in London. No one leader is indispensable. When you lose, leave the stage!



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