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My Birthday Message to the Youth!

April 21, 2015

Plan for big things in your life, there’s always room at the top for the person who’s willing to think bigger. And act bigger!

Leave “little thinking” for people who want to accomplish little things, but not you. Success begins with thinking big.

Our challenges and problems are so huge that if we continue to think the way we’ve been thinking all these while, then I’m afraid that things will continue to get worse.

The youth must think big and do big things. There is nothing to be afraid of! When we fail, we learn. And move to the next page. We have youth & time to our advantage. Explore. Act. Talk to people who are smarter than you. Never ever fear rejection. And always try new things. Life is suppose to be an interesting adventure. Not a boring one.

And the next time you visit a bookshop (of course I will recommend a book) look for “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz. That book changed my worldview. Very powerful book.

Dr. Schwartz, in the book, said “Never underestimate your own intelligence, and never overestimate the intelligence of others.” I agree with him!

Practice these three things:

1. Practice adding value to things.
2. Practice adding value to people.
3. Practice adding value to yourself.

Now, go make it happen!


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