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In Life, Never Give Up!

January 14, 2015

After education, look for economic opportunities. That is more important than education (really? 🙂 ) It may take you longer than you may think before you finally hit it big time. Never give up. Keep pushing.

In life, some become successful at a younger age. Such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. You know the story.

Others, such as Colonel Sanders who founded KFC, found success later in life. He never gave up. Before he started KFC at the age of 62 years (some would have retired by that age), he worked as a fireman, as an insurance salesman, worked at a filling station before he founded a small road side restaurant. Which became KFC. In Ghana alone, they have more than five outlets (the last time I checked).

Today, KFC has more than 20,000 outlets in about 118 countries worldwide. The business makes more than $25 billion in revenue annually. Selling fried chicken!

KFC didn’t started with more than 20,000 outlets. They started with just one outlet. Started by a 62 year old grand father. At the road side. And today they’re the second biggest restaurant business anywhere in the world. After McDonalds.

How can we position our selves, as young people from developing countries to build such an enduring company that will employ more of our colleagues? Should we start something on our own, or we should wait for the government to employ us? How do we acquire and build the necessary skills that will be relevant to our field of endeavour? Are we ready to endure the initial challenges and difficulties that comes with becoming a success story? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty? Or you want a white collar job?

It all depends on you!


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  1. well said brother

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