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The President Must Reduce The Size of Government to Reduce Corruption

October 10, 2014

One sure way of reducing the rate of corruption in government is to reduce the size of government. Governments, and not only in Ghana or Africa but anywhere in the world, are less competent than the private sector. The private sector can process documents or run projects and programmes more effectively and efficiently than the government. And this is because the private sector is not motivated by partisan politics in the course of their activities.

In most of the advanced world, government plays very little role in the lives of its citizens. Our major problem in Ghana is the fact that we expect the government to do almost everything for us…cheaper! However, worse than our major problem is the inability of our governments to be frank with us and tell us in the face that they cannot do everything for us.

The government must be bold to cut down on the number of people working in the public sector. And must also be bold to shut down some public institutions and agencies, and allow the private sector to take control. When the private sector is in charge, we will reduce corruption, they will pay more tax, create employment, do things more effectively and efficiently and cheaper (…yes cheaper because of competition. Can you imagine what the cost of mobile communication will be if we still have only one operator?). Ghanaians must rise above petty partisan politics and get serious about managing the affairs of the State. The President must take the bull by the horn and reduce the size of government. That will be in the interest of all of us!



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