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Why I Think Ghana Cannot Qualify To The Round Of 16!

June 23, 2014

The odds are really against Ghana getting into the next stage of the World Cup in Brazil. I will explain.

The Football World Cup is not just about football, or if you like entertainment. These days, it’s more about economics and to some extent politics (football politics I mean).

The United States has more football fans in Brazil than any other country except the host. Argentina follows next. And then Germany. According to FIFA, the US fans have purchased more tickets than any other country outside Brazil. In fact the US purchased-tickets is two times more than that of the Argentine fans, their closest followers.

Again, because of their numbers and financial power, the US fans spend more in Brazil than any other visiting country. Germany also make some serious spendings. These spendings are very crucial for the host country, FIFA, and the sponsors of the World Cup.

So what it is my point?

My point is very simple. FIFA, and those who sponsor the FIFA World Cup will be better off having the USA and Germany progress to the next stage of the competition than having Ghana or Portugal in the next stage.

Ghana and its fans spend very little in Brazil. We may be playing very nice football. However, football and especially the World Cup is a more serious global business than just 11 opposing players playing each other.

We missed our chance from the very first match against the USA. Now it is very easy for both the USA and Germany to get to the next stage. And the establishment is behind them, unfortunately for us.

Sorry compatriots, we have to learn the bitter lessons the hard way!


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