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Our Youth Should Dare More!

October 11, 2013

The problem with the youth of our generation is that we are too afraid to try anything of value, whether it is starting a business or becoming a professional or running for office. These things should occupy our minds, especially starting our own businesses.

As a young person, what exactly do you lose in case you “fail”? Nothing! And in fact you rather gain much from the experiences you go through. You can’t buy that from the market or from the classroom.

People like Aliko Dangote who have billions of dollars to “lose’ are the ones taking all the risks in the world. And these are people who have everything to lose in case their investments go bad.

Let us be more daring and determined in the pursuit of our goals and dreams. There is magic in being bold and daring. Whatever you wanna do or become, start now! Make all the mistakes you wanna make now that you have nothing to lose, but everything to learn and gain from your experiences.

Learn from your mistakes and acquire more experiences in your field of chosen endeavour before you turn 35 or 40. Don’t live an easy life. Explore more. Learn more. Teach others. Sleep less. Be adventurous. Talk to strangers. Step up to the plate. Don’t be afraid of anything, except God. Touch lives. Serve your community.

Just do something!


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