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Why Not Privatize Water and Power?

May 29, 2013

Some how because of our ideological inclinations which are irrelevant in the 21st Century, whether it is Capitalism or Socialism or Social Democracy or whatever you choose to call it, we are stuck in the past refusing to change and adapt to the current global phenomenon of PRAGMATISM – what actually works!

In countries, almost each and every country where there are CONSTANT flow of Water and Electricity, it is NOT the government alone that produce and supply same. The private sector is THE major player.

In Ghana, we have frequent power outages and in most part of the country no adequate supply of potable water because government over the years have shown, to all intents and purposes that they are incompetent to handle the power and the water sector alone.

Yet, when it comes to allowing the private sector to take charge; provide adequate supply of both water and electricity…for a profit (of cause!), most Ghanaians kick against the idea. And the usual argument is that our people are poor and cannot pay realistic prices.

But the truth is that lack of water and power are by far more expensive than any amount one can pay for adequate supply of same to the private producer. You live with days of lack of water and power, businesses cannot operate and almost no business takes place for weeks and sometimes months. Some even had to shut down operations. Those who can afford to buy plants and generators pay far more than what they could have paid to any private power producer. And yet we still think that leaving the power and the water sector in the hands of the government is still the best.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?


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One Comment
  1. Abubabakar permalink

    Salamu Alaikum my brother. You really Said the right thing. I guess our people need to be educated as i think they are really ignorant about the price and amount of money the pay to get water and power when they are out.

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