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Five Takeaways from the Election 2012 First IEA Presidential Debate in Tamale 

October 31, 2012


1. Strengthening of our Democracy

The Presidential debate, whichever angle you look at it will go down in the political annals of Ghana as one platform that has strengthened the politics of Ghana. And especially so when this time around we have a sitting President taking part. President John Mahama should be commended for being the first sitting President to be part of such an important forum. 

2. The IEA must take a second look at Future Debates

In as much as we commend the IEA for organizing such a very important platform for our leaders, we need to add that we could have Organized it better! This isn’t the first time a Presidential Debate is being Organised, whether in Ghana or elsewhere. First of all, we can do without the 3 minutes introductions by the candidates. We can also do without the welcome address, and a speech by a member of the organizing committee. Those are not necessary, and a waste of time. We can also have just a one moderator. Secondly, we can have at least three debates for the Presidents with different sectors. Yesterday’s debate was unnecessarily too long (more than 4 hours). And finally, we can have a better automated timer!

3. One stage, three potential Presidents

I think with the exception of Mr Hassan Ayariga, all the other three Presidential aspirants looked presidential on stage. Yesterday in the my per-debate comments, I did indicate that Mr Hassan Ayariga will confuse the issues…and he did just that! Becoming a president is a serious business, and at least Mr Ayariga has given us enough evidence to really scrutinize people, especially those coming from “no where” to want to lead us. Why will anyone vote for Hassan Ayariga and not for Dr Edward Mahama?…perhaps the disadvantages of democracy!

4. President John Mahama is on top of the issues

Yesterday the President demonstrated sufficiently that he is on top of national issues, and in charge of the country. He tackled the issues with facts and figures, and you could see from his demeanour honesty and humility. John Mahama answered his questions spot-on, and explained the issues in details, as well as gave the feasibility or otherwise of his programmes and policies. That certainly is the mark of a great leader.

5. Contrary to public perception, Nana Addo has nothing new to offer Ghanaians!

At least judging from yesterday’s debate, one can conveniently conclude that Nana Addo has no real substance when it comes to his policies. He is just a form. And I will explain. Nana Addo has been making the noise about free SHS since the commencement of this political season. The free-SHS issue is a constitutional provision that talks about making secondary education progressively free. And like the President has said over and over again that free-SHS is not anybody’s campaign promise. But for political purposes, Nana Addo and the NPP have made this to look like their brainchild. And again when Nana Addo was asked about his health policy, he couldn’t even laid any solid policy save the bastardization of the NHIS. If you listened to Nana Addo, you will think Ghana has no even a national health insurance. Nana Addo’s performance was below average in my opinion. Even me who is nobody, knows very well that you cannot just quote any figures without a credible source. Where did Nana Addo got is “one in every three young people is unemployed” from? And does he really understand the components that makes up the Agric sector? 

What are your views?


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  1. John Dramani Mahama is a Technocrat and a Leader!

  2. Fast forward, three years, John Mahama has proven to be very good in rhetorics and not a good leader. He is the worst thing that ever happened to Ghana’s presidency. I only hope he turns the tide
    in the future.

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