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Ten Life Lessons For 2012 & Beyond

December 30, 2011

1. Live a simple life, and don’t brag about your achievements or what you have.

2. Acquire as much knowledge as you can. We are now in the Knowledge Century.

3. Respect every human being, whether rich or poor, beauty or ugly.

4. Work hard and work smart. If you are lazy, chances are that you will be poor!

5. Follow your passion. Identify your passion, and follow it 100%!

6. Work on your talent. Your talent alone isn’t enough. You have to develop it!

7. Money is important, but don’t build your life around it. Focus on service to God!

8. Build your faith. All of us will die eventually, and there is life after death!

9. If you can, travel more to get the exposure about life elsewhere.

10. Be adventurous, and have fun. But never over-do things.

I wish you a Successful life!

  1. Rukaya Adam permalink

    Great Lessons indeed!! How come I havent seen this all this while?? Well, its not too late…I guess!! Thanks for this…

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